Let me tell you a little bit about us...

Lightning Docs is a fully automated, cloud-based loan document solution that gives YOU the power to draft your own attorney-grade loan documents.

Lightning Docs was born out of a need to streamline Geraci LLP’s internal loan documentation process. After developing some initial automations, the attorneys and partners at Geraci soon realized the industry-changing implications this software could have on private lending. They began building out countless loan, borrower, property, and amortization options for all 50 states within the system, which later would become Lightning Docs.

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Now, the drafting process is in your hands.

All it takes is a five- to ten-minute online interview process to download your specific documents straight to your computer.

Need to edit something after downloading?
No problem – we don’t charge re-draw fees, and you can edit and re-download your documents as much as you’d like.

Have a question you’d like a live attorney to look at?
You can utilize the same documents to consult with Geraci LLP attorneys as needed. Personalize the amount of external involvement you need.

Already have your document terms in a Loan Origination System (LOS)?
We have you covered! Lightning Docs currently integrates with Liquid Logics, LendingWise, Mortgage Automator, and The Mortgage Office, with more on the way. We are able to build custom system integrations as well!

Documents Available in All 50 States

Easily Customizable for Your Needs​

No Re-Draw Fees or Contract Period

Integrates with Most Major LOS Platforms

Drafts any business-purpose loan document package

No Restrictions on # of Borrowers, Guarantors, Properties, etc.

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loans drafted
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Built and used by attorneys

Easy-to-use interface

Hundreds of customization options

Docs approved by all major loan buyers

Can be used for rated and unrated securitizations

No re-draw fees or contract period

All Business Purpose Loans

Loan Document Types and Features

LOS Integrations*

*Custom integrations are also available.

Reach out today to see how Lightning Docs can revolutionize your loan documentation process!