Lightning Docs is trusted by over 50% of the top 50 Private Lenders in the U.S.

Unsure about Lightning Docs? Get a glimpse of how Lightning Docs can revolutionize your loan documentation process from our clients themselves.
Ben Fertig
Constructive Loans
Robert Jennings
Managing Director of Investment Lending,
Acra Lending
Trixy Castro
Founder and CEO,
Aureus Finance Group
Oliver Austria
Revolution Realty Capital
Kendra Rommel
FUTURES Financial

"Rain City was introduced to Lightning Docs a few years ago. Training on the system with our staff is simple, as the system is designed to have a natural workflow. We really love working with the team as well. Great people, super helpful, great relationships!"

Pam Drexlar
Executive VP and COO, Rain City Capital

"Lightning Docs has given us the ability to streamline our loan origination process. Generating documents is now one less item that we need to worry about, and we have become more efficient thanks to the system."

Matt Podesto
Owner, Black Label Capital

"Renovo Financial made the switch to Lightning Docs in 2021 for several different reasons: efficiency, consistency, and ease of use. Prior to Lightning Docs, we were using Microsoft to plug and play, which is not the easiest, quickest, or most efficient process. Lightning Docs allowed us to scale our business when we were quickly growing in different markets. Before, we would have to engage with different attorneys to update our templates, but Lightning Docs made things simpler and easier because it covers all 50 states, and really cut down the time our closers were spending drafting loan documents!"

Anne Polson
CEO, SVP of Closings, Renovo Financial, LLC

"When we started lending out of state, we looked at a lot of different loan document providers, and found that Lightning Docs was the most suited for our needs. It was an affordable, easy option to integrate into our company, but also came with the expertise and guidance from a fantastic law firm, like Geraci."

Robert Jennings
Vice President and Partner,
Val-Chris Investments, Inc.

"Our loan docs were simple to create through Lightning Docs and were very professional. Very impressed!"

Sean Kolahi
Loan Processing, Mortgage Default Services

"Lightning Docs has been a huge help, not only with giving us access to updated loan documents, but giving us some credibility on the street with investors."

Brock VandenBerg
President, TaliMar Financial

"Socotra Capital operates in about 18 different states, and we choose to use Lightning Docs because, previously, we drafted most of our docs in house, and the time and commitment it would take to stay compliant with the relevant covenants, requirements, regulations became a drain on the business. So we now use Lightning Docs because it is the most quick, reliable, affordable, and best set of loan docs you can get in the business; and gives you the guards you need to make a safe and reliable loan."

Tony Ingoglia
Chief Strategy Officer, Socotra Capital

"We have used Geraci for loan document preparation for the past decade. With their recent partnership with Lightning Docs, we can now produce the same quality loan documents in a matter of minutes via an extremely user-friendly portal. We couldn’t be happier with the service and Geraci is clearly the industry leader."

Carl Maggio
CEO, Maggio Capital

"Lightning Docs is so cool and has made our Operations Team's lives so easy. It's quick, efficient, and the support from the team is fantastic."

Kendra Rommel
Principal, FUTURES Financial

"Working with thr Lightning Docs platform has been a breeze. Our office produces 100+ loan packages a month with this system and our new team members can be quickly trained how to use it. The Geraci team is always a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend Lightning Docs to anyone."

Brandy Seyferth
Director of Loan Closing, DLP Capital

"This product has changed our business. What used to take up to 3 days at month's end can now be done in 30 minutes, all with the same confidences that come with having attorneys drawing loan docs."

Dave Orloff
CFO, American Heritage Lending

"We've been using Lightning Docs for at least 3 years and we have it fully integrated with our LOS. We close over 500 loans a month on the system, and the value of what you get is unbelievably good, especially when the market is such that your loan level costs need to be low to pass favorable terms onto your clients."

Ben Fertig
President, Constructive Loans

"The Lightning Docs doc drawing website has been very helpful to us for drawing out-of-state docs. It sure is nice to have a "one stop shop" for out-of-state docs. You can save money by interacting with their website directly, but if you need help in any way Nema and his staff can be very accommodating. The price for their service is fair also."

Ken Thayer
President, Residential First Mortgage

"We’ve been using Lightning Docs for a little over a year now, and it has changed our lives, honestly. Prior to that, we were using a doc company that was a very complex, but Lightning Docs makes things so easy. All you have to do is answer the relevant questions, and ignore the ones that aren’t. It only takes me about 10 minutes to draft the loan documents, it is very quick, and very simple!"

Christy Mathers
Owner, Iron Oak Home Loans Inc.