Date Consistency Across Documents

We have issued an update to the system which modified the following:

Removed the requirement for borrowers to manually insert the document date in a variety of documents and instead dated those documents with the same date as the document date and made this change consistent throughout the document set. The following documents were affected:

  • Hazard Insurance Disclosure
  • Balloon Payment Disclosure
  • Notice of Right to Receive Appraisal
  • Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure
  • Designation of Homestead
  • Certificate of NOO
  • Business Purpose of Loan Certification
  • Fair Lending Notice
  • Patriot Act Disclosure
  • CA Borrower/Broker Statement
  • AML Disclosure
  • Occupancy and Financial Status Affidavit
  • Borrower Cost Affidavit
  • Notice to Debtors