Lightning Docs Update

  1. Junior Mortgage in Illinois:
    • Added “This Note is Secured by a Junior Mortgage” to the top of Secured Note, for Junior Lien transactions in the state of Illinois.
  2. Moved TN Maximum Indebtedness Notice:
    • The required statement of Maximum Principal Indebtedness on the Security Instrument (both original, and modification) needed to move from its current spot (on the right side above the margin break), to below the margin break on the left side, but immediately above the name of the security instrument.
  3. Modified ACH Form:
    • We have altered the language, slightly, to better conform to the language style in loan docs.
  4. Added Non Sufficient Funds Limitation to ACH Form:
    • We have added qualifier to standard ACH form to ensure NSF fee complies with applicable state law.