January 2024 Client of the Month: Easy Street Capital

We’re excited to announce that the Lightning Docs Client of the Month for January 2024 is Easy Street Capital!

Easy Street Capital, a premier hard money lender, offers innovative financing tailored to individual borrowers, aiming to bring investors closer to their financial goals. Whether you’re a seasoned or new investor, Easy Street provides opportunities in real estate with three key loan products – EasyFix, EasyRent, and EasyBuild. EasyFix, the industry’s fastest loan program, ensures a quick close without appraisals, resulting in the highest repeat borrower percentage. Easy Street Capital’s fully discretionary lending approach, along with experienced principals who bought and sold over 2,500 SFR assets, uniquely understands and meets borrowers’ needs.

Learn more about Easy Street at their website: https://easystreetcap.com