Private Lender Link Teams up with Lightning Docs to Provide State-Specific Interest Rate Data

SAN JOSE, CA – JANUARY 16, 2023 – Private Lender Link, a leading platform for connecting people with private lending companies, today announced a partnership with Lightning Docs, a fully automated, cloud-based loan document software, to provide data on the average interest rates for private mortgages secured by investment real estate throughout the country.

Rocky Butani, CEO and Founder of Private Lender Link

The new partnership means Private Lender Link will now provide its users with up-to-date data on interest rates for short-term business purpose loans and DSCR long-term rental loans. The data will be integrated into Private Lender Link’s platform and will be updated each quarter. The state-specific data comes from loan documents generated by Lightning Docs. Many reputable private lending companies of all sizes use the software provided by Lightning Docs to automatically generate loan docs for all the loans they fund.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Lightning Docs to provide information on current interest rates essential for real estate investors and brokers who use our platform to search for lenders,” says Rocky Butani, CEO and Founder of Private Lender Link. “It allows us to become an even more reliable resource in private lending and informs our users of what most private lending companies are charging.”

“We are glad to be partnering with a company like Private Lender Link because both of our companies strive to provide the public with valuable information on private lending,” says Nema Daghbandan, CEO of Lightning Docs. “Interest rates are typically the most important data point that people in our industry are interested in keeping up-to-date with and we are glad to be able to share this type of data on the Private Lender Link platform.”

The benefits and features of this new partnership include:

  • The first set of data for the 4th quarter of 2023 has been published for many states. Rates for DSCR long-term rental loans have been published for 27 states. Rates for short-term bridge loans have been published for 30 states.
  • Lightning Docs considers all short-term loans to be classified as “Bridge Loans.” Most of these loans are rehab fix & flip, but that also includes ground-up construction, refinance loans, equity cash out, and purchase loans for stabilized properties.
  • In addition to the average interest rates, the data also includes the number of transactions in each state that were used to generate the average rate. If there were less than 6 transactions in a particular state for the quarter, that state is excluded from the data set. This transparency in disclosing the number of transactions in each state shows Lightning Docs’ commitment to providing high-quality and trustworthy data.
  • The data is open to the public on There is no access fee to view the data. Visitors can access this data by navigating to the Browse Lenders section from the homepage, then selecting a loan type and state, where they will then be brought to the page highlighting the state-specific data provided by Lighting Docs. Users will need to scroll to the bottom of the lender card list where the data box can be found. (If there is no data box, the interest rates for that specific state are not available yet).
    • For DSCR loans, the data can be found under RESIDENTIAL LONG-TERM RENTAL.
    • For short-term loans, the data can be found in 3 different categories – PRIVATE MONEY, HARD MONEY, and RESIDENTIAL BRIDGE. All three of these terms essentially mean the same thing and may generate the same search results. In California, the term “Bridge Loan” typically refers to a private mortgage which homeowners use to buy a new primary residence before selling their current one, but it’s also used to describe a short-term business-purpose loan.

About Private Lender Link

Founded in 2010, Private Lender Link, Inc. (PLL) is an online platform where real estate investors and brokers connect with direct private lending companies for investment property deals throughout the United States. PLL has made great efforts to develop relationships with hundreds of non-bank lenders and strives to be a vital resource for everything related to private mortgage lending. Site visitors utilize the PPL platform to create loan requests and request lender recommendations. The information available on the PLL site is open to the public so anyone can compare information about each lending company and contact them directly.

About Lightning Docs

Lightning Docs is a fully automated, cloud-based loan document solution that gives private lenders the power to draft attorney-grade loan documents. Lightning Docs was born out of a need to streamline Geraci LLP’s internal loan documentation process. After developing some initial automation, the attorneys and partners at Geraci soon realized the industry-changing implications this software could have on private lending. They began building out countless loan, borrower, property, and amortization options for all 50 states within the system, which later led to the creation of a new company Lightning Docs, LLC to provide a cloud-based automated loan documents solution for the lending industry.

The News and Content section on the Private Lender Link website provides a collection of videos and articles about Lightning Docs, including featured interviews with Nema Daghbandan. These resources offer a wealth of valuable insights and information specifically focused on loan documents for private lending.


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